Friday, October 12, 2007

Today's Work

Today I was working on a sample for the booth at Houston. It is an easy stain glass, but because of the way I had my glasses made for close up work I had a bit of trouble seeing everything I needed to see. So I just pinned things in place and will finish it tomorrow. The sunflower is one of my favorite late summer flowers. You will discover as this blog progresses that I love flowers and many other things in nature. My favorite color is yellow followed closely by purple, but I can't think of any color that I really dislike.

I found them!

Tonight I uploaded a few pictures from my camera to my computer and I found the pictures of the quilt tops I made for Mark Lipinski out of his new fabric line Katmandu. He is going to put pictures on his blog this weekend (, I can't wait to see what he does with the tops. I did not add borders, nor did I add the circle in the center of the Giant Dahlia, as he planned something special for that space. This is what I sent to him.