Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside

Not only is the temperature down by 25 degrees from yesterday, it is snowing and is windy. I took my Dad into town, 18 miles away to see my Mom at the nursing home. I was to go help a friend today, but we cancelled that little trip. When we arrived in town we noticed that the roads were covered with snow, slippery and the first street we went by had an accident. So we just grab a quick breakfast and stopped to see Mom. Then we headed home. We had to detour due to an accident, but we made it without incident.

This is our first snow of the year and I am somewhat in the south. Many people do not know how to drive in the snow and many more just plan don't know how to drive. I am not fooling about that, because daily you need to watch for cars turning into your lane and going at least 15 miles per hour slower then you were going. The same was true today, but they didn't realize that slowing down was more difficult today.

The other problem was the number of pick up trucks that have rear wheel drive, with no weight over the rear tires. Bill, dh, has a pick up with rear wheel drive, but last week he purchased 480 lbs of sand in bags that was placed over his rear axel. So Bill made it home as well as Dad and I. We are glad to be here.

Bill is going to watch sports on his new TV and I am going to sew, because I am so far behind due to being sick.

Maybe I will have some pictures soon.