Monday, January 2, 2012

Yesterday being the first day of 2012 I had planned to write a post.  That didn't happen.  First, I stayed up too late the night before chatting with new friends, so I was tired.  We went into town for breakfast and to see our adopted family.  Ashlee was working as our waitress and usually her husband brings their 11 month old son in so we can see him.  We were also hoping he would bring in his daughter so we could say good bye to her before she left to go home in AL.  We learn in chatting with Ashlee that she had been sick since we last saw her on Christmas day. She also told us her son was cutting his back teeth and is not sleeping or eating.  So the father, son and his daughter were staying home.

We did a little bit of shopping and then Bill decided to go see the rest of our adopted family.  We got home about10 or 10:30am.  I was sitting checking my mail and catching up on news when I heard noises in the back of the house.  I knew Bill was back there, but thought he was just doing something in the kitchen.   Remember I was tired and the conversation we had had in the restaurant didn't make me figure out the noise.  The noise continued so I finally got up to see what was going on in the back.

To help you make some sense of all of this a little background information is needed.  Bill and I thought we were going to move back in June.  We were bidding on a house, was going to have an auction at our house and we thought for a while we might be living in two different states for a while.  Packing would need to be done here and someone would need to supervise repairs that needed to be done at the house in WI.  We were shopping one day and saw a friend of ours was standing by the TV's.  He was buying a 50" TV for his child's family as their TV died.  He was telling us what an incredible buy the TV was and since a friend of ours works there we asked him about the TV.  He looked over the specks and agreed it was a good buy.  Since we had the truck and the back still had the sand in it for winter weight we went home to get the van.  This was going to be the TV for the new house and our other TV would stay here until we finished moving.  While at home I checked the TV out on the internet and it had good ratings.  We went back and bought the TV,  stored it in the back room and that is where it stayed.  Needless to say the house deal fell through and we didn't take the offer made on our house.  So the TV has been in the back room for over 6 months.

The noise in the back room was Bill getting the "new" TV out.  We had talked about this in the restaurant earlier, but I have been hearing that we needed to get that TV out for over a month.  So guess who had to connect the new TV!!!!  You are right, ME!  I knew it was wrong the first time,  so I tried luck.  We were trying to bypass the DVD player.  That could not be done and I could not figure out why Bill wanted it that way.  Then he said we could not use the DVD because he lost the remote.  I sat on the couch and looked over to the table and there was the remote to the DVD player.  Then he said he needed the other remote also.  He needed the remote to the TV to be able to put the TV in the right mode.  Guess what.  He no longer needs that TV!

Well I did get the TV connected and it is a nice TV.  It has a better picture then the other TV.  Now do you know why it was so important to get the TV hooked up yesterday?  Wisconsin is playing in the Rose Bowl today.  It would just be a shame to have to watch that ball game on a little smaller, but still nice TV.

Today I guess I get to put the TV box away....move the old TV to a new home within this house and cook.  Well the cooking is started.  I put the ingredients for two loafs of bread in the breadmaker.  The dough should be ready to make into loaves shortly.  I don't bake in the bread maker.
I also have pea soup in the crock pot.  If Bill doesn't want that for dinner he can have left overs.  I already have had my breakfast, made a dessert for Bill last night, so once I get the bread into the loaf pans I can move on to other the TV and box.

Bill went to town.  He won't be back for a couple of hours due to the fact he must wait for a couple of places to open.

I do hope everyone has a great 2012.  I plan to continue to pack things we don't need and sell things we really don't need at all.  I am also working on some patterns.