Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Virandah Views

Tomorrow I am going to a "sew a chat" at a friend's home. I have a hand project that I have been working on for years that I usually take to work on, but I am again getting tired of working on this project. So I searched for something to do that would be different for me. So I am going to start a BOM embroidery project.

The project Virandah Views is offer by Cheryl of Willow Berry Designs. Just click on the subject title to see the project. Why don't you join me making this little project that will combine hand embroidery with piecing.

I will post a picture of my first block soon. I have not embroidered in years, so this will be an adventure. She has posted the initial information and the first two blocks. I am a little behind, because our printer decided to take a vacation. I bought a new printed and have spent the past two evenings catching up on my printing.

Well I need to find my embroidery hoop and get my background fabric ready.

Have a good one,