Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Missing in Action

It has been so long since I have posted here I forgot how to post. Well not really, but I hit the wrong key and my process of changing the title became a post. I hope I recovered it without confusing someone who happens on the title while I am working.

Where have I been for almost 3 months. Would you believe here at home, just not inspired to post. Well finally I feel like I have something to share. I have discovered a new product. It is called Texture Magic by Superior Thread. It is easy to use by sewing it to the back of your fabric with an overall grid or free form pattern. Then with the Texture Magic fabric facing upward it is steamed. While holding the iron or streamer above the Texture Magic it begins to shrink. It shrinks 30% in all directions giving your main fabric texture.

The great thing about it is it makes my poor free form stitching look great. I will post a picture later today of what I am doing. In the mean time look here and here.