Friday, February 20, 2009


Bill and I have been procrastinating the finishing of the bedroom...and that also delayed the sewing room completion. Today I washed the walls in the room that will become the bedroom and Bill put the base coat of paint on the walls. The whole time he was doing that he was saying the paint we have will not cover the paneling in the room. He may or may not have been right, but I came up with an alternative to the paint. Seeing that this is a small room I suggested we just put up wallpaper. That way we won't need to do more painting other then the trim. We both hate to paint.

Another advantage to the wallpaper is being able to wallpaper behind the shelving. The shelving is built into a former shallow closet. I can cut and put up the wallpaper to fit between the shelves, but we could not paint without making a big mess.

We were on the north end of town and decided to stop at Lowes to check out their in store selection which is usually pretty good. I was walking down the main isle planning to turn down the wallpaper isle and said to Bill, "I must have walked by the wallpaper isle." So we turned around and sure enough I did miss the isle where the wallpaper used to be located. We turned down it and the only thing left was the textured paintable wallpaper. Lowes has decided to only carry special order wallpaper. I am not good at sitting looking at wallpaper books for hours. It is boring, a waste of time and besides that we would have to wait who knows how long for delivery.

When we went out to the car I noticed the back tire on the passenger side of our van was a little low. We just had the tires rotated Wednesday, so I know they were OK at that time. We went to the tire place to have them check it. We waited about 15 minutes for them to finish up a car in front of us. Then we were next. They removed the tire and sure enough it had a nail in it. Usually when we get a nail in a tire it is a roofing nail, but this was the type of nail used to put studs together. A long very strong nail. Thank goodness we noticed the problem before it really became a bigger problem.

Then we went to a paint place on the south side of town. They have wallpaper to order and about 20 selections to buy. We found something we both could live with and thought it was $22. a double roll. So we decided to buy it and it was only $10. a roll. Now just need to paint the trim. I really don't mind putting up the wallpaper. I think we will bring in a little bit of the outside with this paper seeing we don't have windows in this room.
The only other color in this room will come from the quilt on the bed. I do have a picture my Aunt Margaret painted for us with an old rustic barn with some grasses with a blue sky. I think that will be a nice addition. We will need to actually see what fits in the room before we actually decorate.

NASCAR is on TV now. Must go see what is going on. I will try to finish my stitching tonight to share with you.