Friday, December 31, 2010

Patchwork Times UFO Challenge

Procrastination is part of my makeup.....not the type we put on our face, but the makeup of our being. I always admired quilters who actually finished projects, but I have many, many unfinished quilt related projects. So I am going to join Judy of Patchwork Times UFO challenge. One finish a month done by the number listed and drawn each month.

So here is my list. Some are easy to finish,binding and label, but others will require planning, much sewing and maybe by the end of the year they will be done. I am doing this from memory, because I can not get to the containers tonight and still make the dead line for posting.

Here is my list:

1. Make a quilt using the red and white basket blocks.
2. Bind the red/white/blue Lover's Knot.....ignore the quilting as it was my first
time to use a quilting machine and it has polyester batting.
3. Quilt,bind and label green baby quilt.
4. Finish quilting, bind and label twin retreat quilt.
5. Remember Me Baby Quilt. Four blocks are complete, two blocks just need circles
and three need to be appliqued. Want to complete the quilt.
6. Finish portable ironing board cutting mat carrier.
7. Finish or give away oriental lady applique.
8. Finish piecing, quilting, binding and label Layne's quilt.
9. Finish cat quilt.
10.Finish original design quilt with the brown, gold and yellow green quilt. I know it
sounds awful, but it isn't.
11. Piece quilt in box 1.
12. Piece quilt in box 2.

Eleven and twelve are already cut and some of the piecing is finished. I don't remember the patterns, but they are scrappy and were from an exchange with a quilt group.

Wow! I know this is very ambitious, but I want to finish or get rid of items that I no longer want.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I don't know what this "crud" (illness) is that many people have including myself, but I am really tired of coughing, phlegm and just not feeling good. It is not one of the flu's that the flu shot was to help, because my Dad had a flu shot and he has the same thing I have. Now it seems like Mom and Bill are both getting the same "crud". I hope not, but they both are getting something that is not normal.

My last post I thought I was getting better, WRONG!!!! I guess I was just forcing myself to work, but then I ended up stopping all sewing, working on the computer and just doing the general stuff around the house.

With the above said I am hoping the new year will bring us health and I can get back to working on patterns, quilts and making some money again.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside

Not only is the temperature down by 25 degrees from yesterday, it is snowing and is windy. I took my Dad into town, 18 miles away to see my Mom at the nursing home. I was to go help a friend today, but we cancelled that little trip. When we arrived in town we noticed that the roads were covered with snow, slippery and the first street we went by had an accident. So we just grab a quick breakfast and stopped to see Mom. Then we headed home. We had to detour due to an accident, but we made it without incident.

This is our first snow of the year and I am somewhat in the south. Many people do not know how to drive in the snow and many more just plan don't know how to drive. I am not fooling about that, because daily you need to watch for cars turning into your lane and going at least 15 miles per hour slower then you were going. The same was true today, but they didn't realize that slowing down was more difficult today.

The other problem was the number of pick up trucks that have rear wheel drive, with no weight over the rear tires. Bill, dh, has a pick up with rear wheel drive, but last week he purchased 480 lbs of sand in bags that was placed over his rear axel. So Bill made it home as well as Dad and I. We are glad to be here.

Bill is going to watch sports on his new TV and I am going to sew, because I am so far behind due to being sick.

Maybe I will have some pictures soon.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

One Week

It has been one week and I promised myself to write. So here I am again. This past week I worked on projects that I can not show you yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks after I get the OK from the companies I am working for I will show you. Actually I didn't work as much as I had planned, because this cold I have is really taking all my energy out of me. This afternoon I sat down around 3pm and fell asleep. Two hours later when dinner should have been ready I was just waking up. Bill said he checked on me a couple of times because I was not moving. It is not yet 9pm, but I am going to go to bed. Night!




Saturday, December 4, 2010

I've made a promise to myself!

Wow it has been almost six months since I have made a post to this blog. I have been here a few times trying out new backgrounds etc, but have not felt like writing. So today I have made a promise to myself to do my best to write once a week.

What have I been doing for 6 months? Hmmmmmmm!!!!! Well until about a month or so ago, well maybe two months I have been doing very little. The heat and humidity was just too high to feel like moving. I should have been creating, but that wasn't happening either. Basically I just transported Dad to and from town so he could be with Mom in the nursing home, did the laundry and cooked a little.

Bill and I did make a trip to WI in early fall. We went up at two different times, so I was not away from home as long as Bill. Then late in October we went to Branson, MO and Fort Smith, Arkansas. We were not gone long, but it was a relaxing trip. We stayed in a fishing cottage right at the lakeside. We didn't fish, but it was nice to know others were catching fish. I did a lot of sewing and enjoyed not having to leave the cottage. Bill went shopping and I stayed I know that doesn't sound right, but Bill had some things he wanted to buy. The place he went to had many little booths and they seemed to add new items daily. I did go shopping one morning. I was looking for something special at a quilt shop. It took two trips to the same shop, but I found what I was looking for on the second trip.

While at home this fall I have designed a few quilts and pieced a few for Quilting Treasures. I have also tested some small items for various designers and magazines. I have a baby quilt to make for a friend. Her due date was in February, but now the Dr said she will deliver anytime after the first of the year. I have the design, and the fabric is washed. My favorite iron died so I bought a new one. Still have not ironed the fabric. I still need to finish another quilt and a pattern, then I will do the baby quilt.

Must go now...pick up Dad and head towards home. Leftovers for dinner, so maybe I can get some sewing done.

Until next week,