Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stash Report

Mine stash has not changed at all for weeks on end. I have been busy sewing a quilt for Quilting Treasures for them to show at Market. ( ) Judy's rules indicated that we don't count that fabric that came in and most of it went out again. Also with it being spring the garden had to be planted. We also had company and took a trip with them to Talladega, AL so most of them could go to the NASCAR races. I stayed with Bill's nephew's family and watched it on TV.

I have been very good to resist going to a friend's home to get fabrics that are being given away. My friend is in a nursing home with multiple problems including her memory. She will spend the rest of her life there, so her husband is going through her stuff and giving away things that their immediate family does not want. He offered it first to the local quilt guilds and the remaining sewing craft stuff is going to a charity store we have in town. So all of her stuff will be going to good causes.


A busy month

It has almost been a month since I last posted. For those of you who know me I think you know why I have not posted. This spring has been a rather wet one in KY and whenever we could get outside we were mowing, gardening, repairing things that got broken etc. While in the house it was the usual stuff of cooking, cleaning, laundry and we had company plus we took a short trip with the company.

Beside all the normal spring stuff we had to take our dog into the veterinarian because she was bit on the leg by a poisonous snake. We caught it in time so she didn't have any permanent damage, but she did spend 2 days in the hospital and 2 days in the kennel because we had no way to keep her contained. He hind leg was bit, it swelled up and was tender. She responded well and is just fine now. Five days after we picked up our dog she had a seizure. It was unrelated to the snake bit, but she did go back to the veterinarian on an emergency call just to be sure she was alright. We brought her home the same evening and she has been fine ever since.

I also made a quilt for Quilting Treasures to display at Market that just happened in Pittsburgh. The picture we took of the quilt before sending it off isn't very good, but I will post it for you to see. The fabric will come out in August and is called Pink Ribbon Signature Collection II by Karen Neuburger. It is soft pinks, blues, yellows and white with butterflies, flowers, dots and the breast cancer ribbon. I love the designs and managed to use each of the 12 fabrics from the collection in one quilt. I posted the EQ image and then the bad picture of the real quilt.

It us beyond me why I have an undeline now. The color was also blue and print was bold. I could fix that, but not the underline. So I will end for now.