Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quilt Show Conversations

Bill and I had to make a trip to town today to pick up some things before our trip to Alabama. We also attended a meeting this morning concerning our neighborhood, but that is another story all together. Due to the meeting we ended up in town at lunch time. Normally we have coffee in town between the breakfast and lunch crowd, so those eating lunch today were not the people we normally visit with in the mornings. The restaurant was busy so we took an end table for one or two people. The tables in the restaurant are set close to each other and it is difficult to not hear what the conversation is at the next table. So this is what happened at the next table of 3 people when we sat down. It ended up being 4 people at the table 3 men and a woman.

The man sitting close to Bill was talking about the winning quilt at the AQS Quilt show being held in Paducah this week. He knew all about the quilt, who made it, where she was from, that she was arriving today, how long it took her to make the quilt etc. I didn't really think that was so unusual to hear that conversation, but then he continued to talk saying "I really want to see that quilt. The last time I went to the show it was so much fun. Everyone is so talented and friendly." That also was not unusual, but then he continued: "I think I will go tomorrow. Everyone is so much nicer then those at the "Harley Davidson Rally".

I have never been to a Harley Rally, but I know many who have attended them. Everyone seemed to come back and indicate they enjoyed the get together. I am glad to know at least in this man's eyes that quilters are nice, have talent and he enjoys our art. The third man came back to the table and they left, so I didn't have the oportunity to talk with the man, but I am happy to share what he had to say.

I have attended many of the AQS shows, but had to stop due to allergies to the building. I can't wait to hear reports from everyone about the new improvements at the Cherry Convention Center and the Executive Inn. Maybe I will be able to attend in the future if it is as nice as the news media said it is now.

More later,