Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Patterns

I know some of you have been waiting for my patterns to be available. Part of the reason for the delay is I had some of my pieces waiting to see if they would be published first in a magazine. The Dashing Nines has been turned down at this time, so I will now publish it myself. Well actually it wasn't turned down. It was more I wanted the magazine to choose between the two designs Batiks by Design(BBD) and I had submitted so I could publish the other design. Another of my designs, that I have not shown to you is still being considered. I need to get them some additional information. I can tell you this much, if it is published in "the magazine" it won't happen before the Nov/Dec issue. I will keep you informed.

My patterns will be released soon and you may get them from Batiks by Design using the link to the left under My Patterns or directly from me. The first two patterns will be available early next week. I need to do a bit more work to have them just right. Well just right in my eyes.

I worked this morning for Patti at BBD. I finished cutting and packaging a couple of orders then started serging the edges of fabric we are going to wash to put into kits. Patti is going to offer a couple of patterns with prewashed fabrics to see if her customers like them that way. It does take more energy and time on our part, but if they sell we may make more.

After leaving work Bill and I went out to lunch. We try to do that on Thursdays, because it gives us good husband and wife time. Sometimes we will also do some shopping, but today we went to the cemetary. I received a survey from the one of the local cemetarys. I filled it out only because we would get a two night stay in one of several hotels around the country. I know it is a come on, but I can listen to someone for an hour or so to save some money when traveling. I knew we would have to talk to the sales person, but I was honest on the survey indicating that we already had cemetary plots. They didn't ask me where they are located. Actually I have two cemetary plots. One in Ohio, which also has a casket and vault already bought, and a pair that my husband and I have in Wisconsin. We will be using the ones in Wisconsin. Anyway to make the long story short we now have two nights in a hotel to use before September 2009. The sales person was nice and did answer some questions I had about disposing of the plot I own but won't be using.

Tonight I started collecting materials needed for a machine quilting class I am taking Saturday. I know how to machine quilt, but it is nice to practice, learn another person's methods and be with others also in the class.

Tomorrow night Bill and I are having dinner with his sister and brother-in-law. They are passing through our area on their way home to WI from AL. They spent most of the winter in AL. Several couples from WI rent cabins in a state park and enjoy all the activities offered in the area. They picked a great winter to be away from WI, as WI had record snows, winds and temperatures this winter. I'm looking forward to seeing them again.

Well I need to work again tomorrow, so I best get to bed.


Friday, February 22, 2008

It's been so long!

I have not been able to post to my blog in such a long time I had trouble remembering how to get here. Don't worry, everything is ok here, just busy and tired.

Our weather seems to be stuck in a cycle of a threat of ice on Thursdays. So far we have either been too far south or too far north and have missed the bad stuff.

I worked four days for Batiks by Design this week. Most of what I did was to sew on samples. We try to work up all the patterns in Patti's fabrics, so everyone can see what they look like using traditional batiks.

I also worked on taxes this week. Funny thing, I felt like I hardly worked last year, but the IRS considered me a small business because I received a couple of 1099's. You get these when you earn more then $600. from one employer. So it looks like we will need to pay again this year. At least it won't be much that we will need to pay. I still need to change and add few items before I can send the taxes in, but the hard part is finished.....YEAH!

Bill had four post put into his lower gum Wednesday. These will be used to hold his lower dentures in place. He has been a real trooper with the whole process. Right now he has 4 metal posts and no teeth. Some how he manages to eat.

A couple of mice were in our greenhouse and ate the tops off of all the tiny tomato plants. So the second batch of tomato plants are starting to come up. Part of them are now living on my stove using the stove light to grow by. That means a lot of crock pot, microwave and Forman cooking for a few weeks. I can always use the stove upstairs, but it is kind of an adventure to see what can be made without the stove. I did move the plants one evening so I could broil a few steaks, but I thought Bill should have something he really liked before he had the posts put in. His lower teeth will be put in as soon as they are drilled to accomodate the posts. Then the upper teeth will need to be aligned to the lower teeth.

I think I can actually stay home this weekend if I want. It is nice to know that even if it doesn't happen. I will be sewing, cleaning, doing laundry, cooking.....geez I think I want to go out! No actually I enjoy doing all of that even if I sometimes complain. The one thing that is nice is Nascar is back on TV and Dale Jr is doing just fine with his new team.

Time to make the coffee for tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Weather

Yesterday and today we again have been fortunate to not have any damage from the weather. Lots of damage happened with in 75 miles all around us, but not here.

Seeing the pictures of the snow that is hitting Southern, Wisconsin where my husband's family lives, reminds me of the many snow storms I "enjoyed" in Indiana and Ohio. My favorite memories include the 27" of partly cloudy (unpredicted snow) we had when I was in JR High School in NW Indiana. Another was the blizzard we had in Ohio while I was teaching in Preble County. The snow and drifts were so high I could not see the mail boxes at the road. They were completely covered with snow. The National Guard was called out to clear the roads in the county. We missed a whole week of school if I remember correctly.

Several things I remember about snow are how the sun reflects off the snow, how quiet the world seems when outside in the snow and how messy and ugly the world gets as the snow melts into slush. I would much rather drive on packed snow rather then in slush.

Much happiness to all,

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What not to do when the electric is out!

Last Wednesday the weather was windy as a weather front was about to go through our area. Right after we finished eating dinner our electric went out. So the dishes didn't get done. My DH and I took naps. About three hours later the electric came back on just long enough for me to reset the clocks and try to get on the computer to check on the coming weather. Flicker....Flicker...Flicker and it was out again.
I had slept for three hours and was wide awake. It was totally dark in our house. We do have emergency lights that we use to move around the house, but we conserve them. So I had the bright idea to light some candles so I could work. Now I will show you two of twenty reasons why I should not try to rotary cut using three short candles. Notice that the brown and gold fabic is longer then the white and gold. They are supposed to measure the same size. So I had to trim. I also didn't cut enough of the brown and gold fabric as I couldn't accurately count the pieces not knowing if I had one, two or three pieces in my hand.

So today I trimmed and sewed. I need another picture for my pattern cover showing an additional setting of the table runner. So this is how it is layed out using the same number of pieces as the blue one or the multi colored one posted earlier.
For those waiting on this pattern it will be available soon. I am waiting on some paper work from the state. I thought it came in the mail yesterday, but it was a large envelope that included all the stuff I read already, plus a blank application. I at least know they received my application and it looks like it was approved, just waiting for the magical numbers needed to do business.
I am now working at Batiks by Design part time. Tomorrow is a work day, so I guess I need to finish up for the night. Have a good one!