Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Weather

Yesterday and today we again have been fortunate to not have any damage from the weather. Lots of damage happened with in 75 miles all around us, but not here.

Seeing the pictures of the snow that is hitting Southern, Wisconsin where my husband's family lives, reminds me of the many snow storms I "enjoyed" in Indiana and Ohio. My favorite memories include the 27" of partly cloudy (unpredicted snow) we had when I was in JR High School in NW Indiana. Another was the blizzard we had in Ohio while I was teaching in Preble County. The snow and drifts were so high I could not see the mail boxes at the road. They were completely covered with snow. The National Guard was called out to clear the roads in the county. We missed a whole week of school if I remember correctly.

Several things I remember about snow are how the sun reflects off the snow, how quiet the world seems when outside in the snow and how messy and ugly the world gets as the snow melts into slush. I would much rather drive on packed snow rather then in slush.

Much happiness to all,

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