Sunday, February 3, 2008

What not to do when the electric is out!

Last Wednesday the weather was windy as a weather front was about to go through our area. Right after we finished eating dinner our electric went out. So the dishes didn't get done. My DH and I took naps. About three hours later the electric came back on just long enough for me to reset the clocks and try to get on the computer to check on the coming weather. Flicker....Flicker...Flicker and it was out again.
I had slept for three hours and was wide awake. It was totally dark in our house. We do have emergency lights that we use to move around the house, but we conserve them. So I had the bright idea to light some candles so I could work. Now I will show you two of twenty reasons why I should not try to rotary cut using three short candles. Notice that the brown and gold fabic is longer then the white and gold. They are supposed to measure the same size. So I had to trim. I also didn't cut enough of the brown and gold fabric as I couldn't accurately count the pieces not knowing if I had one, two or three pieces in my hand.

So today I trimmed and sewed. I need another picture for my pattern cover showing an additional setting of the table runner. So this is how it is layed out using the same number of pieces as the blue one or the multi colored one posted earlier.
For those waiting on this pattern it will be available soon. I am waiting on some paper work from the state. I thought it came in the mail yesterday, but it was a large envelope that included all the stuff I read already, plus a blank application. I at least know they received my application and it looks like it was approved, just waiting for the magical numbers needed to do business.
I am now working at Batiks by Design part time. Tomorrow is a work day, so I guess I need to finish up for the night. Have a good one!

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