Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What? It is January 26, 2011?

The past two weeks have been lost....I'm sure. Actually not, but I have not accomplished anything. My Dad ended up in the hospital with double pneumonia and congestive heart failure. He was released today from the hospital and is now in the same Nursing home as my Mom. He is there for Physical Therapy and they think he will come home. I'm sure in one sense that will make him happy to be back home, but sad that Mom will not be coming home with him.

On to nicer news. This morning we woke up to a beautiful scene. It started snowing last night right after dark and must have snowed most of the night. Look at the trees. That snow is still on the trees, but will disappear soon.

It is so pretty and bright even with the clouds overhead.

I hope I don't loose any more days this year.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Want A Part II

I just watch the movie "The Notebook". Don't read all of the link if you have not seen the movie. What made me cry was what I saw and heard near the end of the movie and I started to write this post. Part II actual does happen at the end of the movie. I absolutly loved the way the movie ended.

Now why did this movie get to me so much. I'm a softy at heart.....I needed a good cry.....and

My Mom is in a nursing home due to the fact that she has forgot how to walk. She also has dementia. Some days she remembers the past and can talk about it. Other days she is living in the past, doing laundry, cleaning house and cooking dinner....all in her mind. Then there are the days Mom barely knows when we arrive at the nursing home. My Dad goes to visit her every day. Some days Mom is nice, responsive and even loving. Other days she says things or does something that hurts Dad's feelings. He is dedicated to her regardless of how she acts on any particular day.

The Nurses can see what my Dad is going through and do their best to cheer both Mom and Dad up daily. Many of the workers want to know where men like him are today. They want a man in their life as dedicated to them as he is to her.

I don't know the answer to finding that type of dedication other then honesty, working together for the same goal and love. That describes my parents and also my husband Bill and myself. I am so blessed.