Monday, January 28, 2008

So much to learn!

Sorry I don't have pictures again tonight. I have not taken any lately that I can share. I promise the next thing I sew will be posted.

Patti from Batiks by Design and I are trying to learn many new computer programs that will make things easier for both of us. It seems like there is a never ending CD out there with a new...or old program that I don't have...that I, she or we need to know. At least we are learning the accounting and bookkeeping programs together, so we can compare notes and maybe one of us will know how to work out the problem.

Some things in life are as I have heard all my life "clear as mud". The new terms, the way different people write and maybe just my lack of brain cells to process everything really makes life interesting.

Let me get back to my sewing and designing as soon as possible. I have so much I want to accomplish all at one time.

If everything works out right and my parents are healthy enough to take care of themself for a week and a couple of days we will be going on vacation. Today Bill, my husband, rented a condo in Wisconsin Dells for the last week in March. This is the week that our grandson is off school for his spring break. The place we rented will sleep 6, so I am sure we will have some overnight family visitors while we are there.

The Dells is a popular vacation area, but mostly during the summer. Much of what goes on during the summer are the types of stuff we avoid. We just want a place to "get away" from it all, not be shoulder to shoulder with other people. That is why we go to the Dells in the winter when much of what attracts others to the Dells are closed for the season.

Another reason we go to the Dells is being able to rent a place that is like home. We can eat out if we desire or we have a kitchen where we can cook. We also can have relatives and friends visit us instead of us running all over WI becoming exhausted. Since our relatives live from LaCrosse to Madison and south they are all with in an hour or so of where we will be staying.

Another plus is the outdoor activities we can do while our grandson Devin is staying with us, so hope for good weather. We can go fishing, play at the out door playground, or go to the indoor activity center. All of this is on the grounds of where we are staying.

Shopping is also available in the area, but we will keep that to a minimum. We do like the new outlet mall there and I know where a few quilt shops are located in adjoining towns. We will also make the trip a time or two to Bloomington, WI, my husband's home town. We love it there. It is a small town that has some of the most interesting people if you get to know them. It also has a great bakery that serves breakfast and lunch. I will also buy some bread from the bakery and maybe some rolls to take back to our Condo. At Christmas time they have wonderful cookies. I really like the cranberry oatmeal cookies.

My personal travel schedule will be busy this year helping Patti at Quilt Shows. We are going to Chicago mid April and then Paducah, KY at the end of April. Paducah is only 65 miles away, but we may spend a night or two in a camper up there to conserve our energy. August we will be in Nashville TN. Then we have a break until October when we will go to Des Moines, Iowa come home for a few days then we are off to Houston. Our schedules are different in each place, but one thing stays the same.....we get tired....we eat too many snack foods to just survive and restaurant food takes too long to arrive and are very expesive. Oh did I say we get tired! As you can see I would much rather have a home cooked meal that arrives right after I change my clothes and I can enjoy being off my feet. A spa bath tub would be nice also, but I would not have time to use it anyway.

Well it is off to bed time. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day and it is suppose to rain with strong winds. I just checked the weather. Now they are saying Thunderstorms! OH YES! It is only getting up to 58 degrees and then drop to 25 degrees. If we didn't need so many basic items I would just stay home. I am out of too many things, so I will just hope the bad weather doesn't hit until afternoon.

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Sweet P said...

I love Wisconsin Dells. I grew up in Minnesota and we went to the Dells for a couple vacations. It is a great place to visit. I hope you have a great time.