Friday, February 22, 2008

It's been so long!

I have not been able to post to my blog in such a long time I had trouble remembering how to get here. Don't worry, everything is ok here, just busy and tired.

Our weather seems to be stuck in a cycle of a threat of ice on Thursdays. So far we have either been too far south or too far north and have missed the bad stuff.

I worked four days for Batiks by Design this week. Most of what I did was to sew on samples. We try to work up all the patterns in Patti's fabrics, so everyone can see what they look like using traditional batiks.

I also worked on taxes this week. Funny thing, I felt like I hardly worked last year, but the IRS considered me a small business because I received a couple of 1099's. You get these when you earn more then $600. from one employer. So it looks like we will need to pay again this year. At least it won't be much that we will need to pay. I still need to change and add few items before I can send the taxes in, but the hard part is finished.....YEAH!

Bill had four post put into his lower gum Wednesday. These will be used to hold his lower dentures in place. He has been a real trooper with the whole process. Right now he has 4 metal posts and no teeth. Some how he manages to eat.

A couple of mice were in our greenhouse and ate the tops off of all the tiny tomato plants. So the second batch of tomato plants are starting to come up. Part of them are now living on my stove using the stove light to grow by. That means a lot of crock pot, microwave and Forman cooking for a few weeks. I can always use the stove upstairs, but it is kind of an adventure to see what can be made without the stove. I did move the plants one evening so I could broil a few steaks, but I thought Bill should have something he really liked before he had the posts put in. His lower teeth will be put in as soon as they are drilled to accomodate the posts. Then the upper teeth will need to be aligned to the lower teeth.

I think I can actually stay home this weekend if I want. It is nice to know that even if it doesn't happen. I will be sewing, cleaning, doing laundry, cooking.....geez I think I want to go out! No actually I enjoy doing all of that even if I sometimes complain. The one thing that is nice is Nascar is back on TV and Dale Jr is doing just fine with his new team.

Time to make the coffee for tomorrow.


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