Friday, June 8, 2007

No Progress

Seems like I just can't get motivated to clean out the to be sewing room. It has been humid and hot here since we arrived home. Several boxes in the sewing room will need to be removed and carried to the storage room on the third floor. Maybe I will feel like doing this tomorrow.

I have done a little sewing, (hemming, made a sling and added to the dog's collar) but no quilting since we have been home. I have been so tired and today somewhat sore. I am not going to let that stop me. I try to keep going and accomplish something everyday.

Today after baking 2 pies and getting dinner going I picked out fabric to start a table runner. It will be used in the living room on the chest by the door. We seem to drop things down on it as we come in the door and I want to protect the wood surface. I will be testing a pattern as I make this project. I have decided on 3 greyish blues. I hope I have enough of the background. The fabrics I am using are from my stash and part of the background has been used in another project. When I have more time I will learn how to post pictures and add a sample of the fabrics I am using. I need to go read the pattern to see if I can use this background.

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