Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting ready for Houston

Today I helped my friend Patti to get things ready for her booth at Festival, Batiks by Design.( ) We work on kits today, but just seemed to run into roadblocks. Not enough patterns, imperfect fabric and items needing to be copied. One thing that did work was the mesh bags we picked out worked well for the small size patterns.

This will be our first time to attend Festival in Houston. We don't know how much to take with us, nor what to expect. We will also be going to Market, so at least we will have an idea about the layout of the Convention Center and hopefully make some great contacts prior to things being open up to the public.

I am working on some of my designs to have them ready for sale. One is a new apron with lots of pockets. I remember as a child that my step grandmother always wore an apron. She made all of them herself. She had nicer ones for Sunday, but always had practical cotton aprons of many colors for week days. These were always fresh and nicely pressed in the morning, but she loved to cook and bake. By noon you could see the flour from the bread baking and maybe a spot or two from her wonderful home made soup she was making for dinner.

I also have a fat quarter friendly quilt. It does contain one of my favorite blocks the Churn Dash. I think the reason I like this block so much is because it looks so different on point then it does straight. I have also in other quilts played with the coloring of the Churn Dash to create other designs elements. It is just a fun block.

Maybe I will show you some pictures tomorrow.

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