Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Out with the old, In with the new!

GOOD BYE 2007.............HELLO 2008

Happy New Year to everyone!

We started out the 2008 very quiet at our house. I was up and was near the door in case someone in our country neighborhood decided to shoot off fireworks. Our dog,outside, gets very nervous when she hears loud noises, including thunder. I was going to let her in the house, but no fireworks.....hmmmm our neighborhood must all be out of town!!!!!

Today we had a few snow flurries. The first of the season. You never know it may be the last. I remember last January I had to turn on the AC, but then in April we had a hard freeze for two weeks.

I am presently working on a quilting project that I can't show you or tell you what I am doing. I am working for someone else for this project and everything is underwraps for it. It is kind of an exciting project as I am developing a pattern, sewing the item, quilting it and best of all will be paid for my work!

I did finish piecing a table runner from the same pattern as I listed in November. It will be my first pattern to be published and I already have one sold as soon as I get everything ready! So I guess my new career is off and running. Tomorrow I will be machine quilting the table runner shown in the picture. I like to practice on something of my own before I work on the project for someone else.

I am also ready to quilt the dashing nines and in about a half hour I will have the secret project ready to quilt. Now I need to decide the designs I will use for quilting everything.

Our little sewing group that used to meet at my shop once a week is going to start out the new year right by setting up one day a week to meet again. We used to have six of us who worked together, but because of people moving and jobs etc we will be down to three. The nice thing is the three of us get along well and can pick up where we left off in our friendships. I am exited about us meeting on a regular basis again and have a project picked out to work on that will have nothing to do with business. I am going to work on a wall hanging that is a combination of piecing and applique.

It is getting late and I need to get two borders on my secret project.

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