Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Baby It's Cold Outside"

Yes it is cold outside, and it is going to get colder before it warms up. I am not complaining, because I know others are suffering with much colder temperatures as well as lots of snow. I also know that this freezing weather is good for the ground. It helps to kill some bugs, softens the ground and maybe even kills some weed seeds. The truth be known I would much rather deal with the cold weather, even if my legs and hips hurt, the the hot, humid weather of Western KY summers. At least now I can put on layers of clothing or get under a quilt, but in the summer???????????????? well that is not a pretty picture.

Last night I was going to layer a couple of quilts only to discover all the batting I have on hand was too small for each project. I have two medium size boxes of batting scraps from projects I did last year, but it includes so many different brands of batting I could not sew enough together for the larger quilt. The smaller of the two tops is the baby quilt and I want that batting to be all one piece. So I went on line to try to locate a source for a batting I might like. Now the problem is.....what batting do I want???? I really like 100% cotton batting, but have used the 80% cotton, 20% polyester. The 80/20 or the needled cotton batting makes machine quilting easier, but I also do hand quilting. So I am having some samples sent to me so I can make a decision by trying the samples. The battings available today are very different from those that were available when I still owned my shop nearly 7 years ago.

I do have a whole piece of bamboo batting, but it is 60"x 60". That is an unusual size, so I need to design something just to try that batting. It will need to be a design I can combine machine and hand quilting. I also want it to be a quilt I will use, wash and really be able to evaluate the batting.

Last night I made 3 t-shirts into open up the front t-shirts by adding a soft velcro to the cut I made up the front. We have a friend with lung cancer and he is being operated on Monday. They plan to remove part of his lung and he was told to bring a button up shirt to wear when leaving the hospital. He always wears a t-shirt under his outer shirt so I made him 3 open up the front t-shirts so he can keep warm.

Dinner tonight is Roast Beef, potatoes and carrots. I think I will also make some lima beans and a salad. I don't mind cooking, but I hate the menu planning. Thank goodness my family will eat most everything I decide to make and they also sometimes will help making the decision of what to eat. Yesterday my Dad even made the meal and it was very good. He made Chicken cooked in home made bar-b-que sauce, baked potatoes and brussel sprouts. I made Bill some creamed peas so he would have a vegetable.

Looks like it is time to scoot...and get that roast beef made.


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