Saturday, February 28, 2009


This has been a very busy week. We are trying to get things ready for spring by checking electric golf cart (that we use in the garden) and the yard tractor. Batteries or lack of good batteries was an issue this week. We had to replace the battery in the tractor and the golf cart is having a new set of batteries installed at the repair shop. We also have an old van that needs a new battery, but that one is still a debate as to if we just want to junk the van or should we get the battery.

We also did some outside cleaning the one nice day we had this week. Leaves were swept up. Excess stuff that was put under the deck was moved to a different storage age. We also tried to tie up the snowball bush since it was bent over by the ice last month.

I also painted the trim for the bedroom and have the walls prepared to put up at least 16 sheets of wall paper. I plan to start the wall papering shortly and hopefully will get most of it done today. I also want to cut out a dust ruffle today so when we move the bed I can put it on.

Bill and I did buy some new sheets for the bed because I only had one set that fit our bed. When our water bed decided to leak and we change to a regular bed I had to start over with sheets. I am not much of a shopper, so we just bought one set. I now have 3 sets to fit the queen size mattress. It will be nice to not have to wash, dry and make the bed with the same sheets all in one day.

Guess if I am going to get anything done I better get off the computer.


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