Monday, September 26, 2011

Wow! I love the pictures on my last post!

My last post was January 26, 2011. No I didn't fall off the earth, get kidnapped or anything else. That date was the day we put my Dad in a rehab center/nursing home. He had been in the hospital with pneumonia and congestive heart failure for about 2 weeks. We thought after a month of rehab he would be able to return home. That did not happen. Both my Mom and Dad are now in the Nursing home. They are in the same hall, but not the same room. My Dad's roommate is a younger man that is there due to not being able to walk and care for himself. Very nice guy that my Dad liked before he became a resident. So what did that mean for my husband and myself? The house without my parents also living in it made it too large for the two of us. We worked all spring and most of the summer trying to dispose of many years of collected stuff. That was not easy, because some things we didn't know what they were and if it was something we should keep or not. We had problems with too much rain in the spring and too much heat and humidity in the summer. That is why the pictures of the snow in my last post is something that looks nice to me.
Also during all of the sorting and cleaning I was designing
for Quilting Treasures, Little Golden Books - Shy Little Kitten

and Fancy Feline

Several of my patterns are still on their web site.

When loved ones move to a Nursing Home it means going to where they are located as much as possible until they are settled.  Then there are the Care Meetings, fiances, popping in at unusual times to check on the care or lack of it.  Fortunately my parents are in a great facility.  We really like most of the staff and the head of the section really listens to what we say.  The down side is the middle of the night phone calls because of a fall and most of all seeing my parents go down.  Mom celebrated her 86th birthday today.  Early this year they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.  So I have been busy and looking forward again to the cooler weather of fall and winter.



Connie said...

Beautiful quilts and I hope you have a much better year in 2012!

magicthimblecreations said...

Thanks Connie,
Things are going better now. I am working full time now since both of my parents are the nursing home and all the paperwork garbage is finally completed. I hope to get back to designing soon.

Cheryl said...

Hi Peggy - I wanted to let you know that I picked a 2nd winner of dupioni silk from the Blog Hop Party to celebrate going over 200 Followers, and it was you. Please e-mail me your address so I can send it to you. For verification, go to my blog: