Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Day of Investigation

Usually on Tuesdays we go into town early. My husband goes to his cardiac rehab and my father and I go shopping. This means that the shopping must be nearly completed in about 1 1/2 hours. Today my husband stayed home due to a cold, so my father and I went into town later in the day when the frost was gone. We really didn't have that much shopping to do, but had bills to pay all over town. Town is not that large, but some parts parking is a problem. I have also decided that parking spaces are too narrow for most vehicles. I had to hold my van door so I wouldn't hit the car next to me when getting out and into my vehicle. Then one place my mirror and the neighboring vehicle's mirror lined up exactly. Now that was a fun place to get through.

One of the places we had to visit was the County Clerks Office. Earlier I had investigated the need for license with the State for selling quilt patterns, teaching classes etc. I am somewhat confussed with the answers on their web site, so will need to call them. I did find out that I needed to check with the County Clerk where the "business" will be located. I explained to them what I wanted to do and they said they do not license that type of business, but I needed to go talk to the City Clerk.

The City office was not far away, so I went to talk to them. I really couldn't understand why I needed to talk to the city, because I am in the county. The city office confirmed my thoughts. "If you are not conducting business in the city we do not need to issue a license."

I will be able to take care of all the federal stuff with the help of the state web site. So nice that they have the links I might need. I know some people don't worry about this stuff, but I want to do things correctly. I don't want to be fined later on for not doing all the leg work first.

I feel like I have made my first steps to getting my patterns out to the public. Actually maybe the second or third step, because I have patterns and samples. I have also contacted some people who may be of some help after I do all the legal stuff.

I will be posting some samples of patterns as soon as I can after the first of the year. Some will be quilts, but you never know what I might create. I will also let you know the link for seeing the rest of the collection.

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