Sunday, March 9, 2008

March Snow

Spring was in the air. Trees were turning red with buds and the daffodils along the road were blooming. We saw our first robins since late fall and the blackbirds were entertaining us on the way to town with their flying group acrobats. I would wake up early to daylight and it was lasting until after dinner. All the usual signs of spring.

Since moving to western Kentucky back in 1984 I have witnessed another usual sign of spring many times over. That sign is a heavy March snow. Usually it is wet and sticks to the trees and true to form we were blessed with a nice March snow Friday. Here is a picture of what our snowball bush looked like Saturday morning. I should have waited until the sun was shining to take the picture, but I was afraid a wind might blow the snow away. It was very pretty, but the snow is now off all the trees. Some still remains on surfaces that are protected from the sun.

Bill and I cleaned the snow off the front deck yesterday after breakfast. Unfortunately the snow shovel handle broke, but we did get most of the snow off the upstairs deck. Our dog Tipper
had laid on the snow right at the front door. Her body heat melted the snow enough to create ice.

My DH and I told my dad it was there and that he should not go out via their front door, but to come downstairs and use our front door.

Needless to say he did not listen and when he went out he fell as he was trying to close the sliding glass door. I was in the shower at the time and Bill thought I fell. So he checked on me first, I was not the one to fall. When he went upstairs he discovered Dad laying outside at the icy spot on the deck. Fortunately he only hurt his right elbow. Both Bill and him said he has grooves in his elbow to match the grooves of the door frame. I thought Dad would be sore today, but he is fine.

We thought Tipper would be a small dog, because her mother is short. Here she is as a puppy.

She laid under the saw horses as Dad and Bill were building her dog house. She quickly outgrew the dog house, but the cats could hide from her in there. She was soon too tall to even crawl through the door to get to the cats.

Bill is now home from fishing with a broken line. Does that mean he had a BIG OLD FISH on the line???????

Need to go get some work done.


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