Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

It was a wonderful day today. The weather was perfect. Bill our friend Bobbie and I went fishing. We had a great time. Bobbie caught the first fish. Then Bill and Bobbie took turns catching fish and Bobbie even caught a turtle. Bill told me we were leaving at 2:30pm and I needed to get busy and catch a fish. I still had the same worm I started with several hours ago. At 2:25 Bill started taking things to the car. I put on a new little piece of worm and was determined to catch a fish before he carted me off to the car. I did! I caught a yellow perch.

Too bad I forgot my camera! We caught bluegill, yellow stripes, bass and yellow perch...oh and a turtle. I bet if they were all put together the whole bunch would not of weighed a pound. So needless to say we brought nothing home but good memories and warm hearts.

Traditionally Bill and I fish for the first time each year on my birthday. We have done this every year since we have been married. Some years the weather was nice like it was this year. Usually then we don't catch much. Some years it has rained or was windy and we caught enough for a meal for Bill, my parents and myself.

Fishing is one of those hobbies that can be relaxing, comical and profitable with meals. We only fish from the shore. This year since Bobbie wants to fish with us and she lives in town we are going to explore new to us fishing areas. Hopefully we will catch some for the freezer, but if not we will survive. Bill can't fish very long standing. Neither can I. So if there isn't a place to sit and fish we must bring our own chairs.

Well it is time to say good night.


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