Sunday, March 15, 2009

Overnight Company

Bill and I had company yesterday from MN. Bill and Debbie have been friends for years from when he lived in WI. We would meet for dinner whenever we were in WI before she moved to MN.

The last time we were in WI she came down to the condo we rented in the Dells to see us. We were hoping her boyfriend would visit us with her, but he didn't come. This time they were on their way to FL for a short vacation and we are about the half way point. We were so happy they stopped and decided to spend the night with us.

Debbie's boyfriend Mark is very much like Bill. They both had similar things happen to them over the years. They both have great sense of humor and are able to catch something one says and make it......hmmm.....a little twisted and funny. I hope we see them on their trip back home. They have am open invitation.


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