Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jan. 3 stash report

As I am sitting here in front of my computer making my first stash report of the year I really don't want to complain, but I am freezing. Yes, the furnance is running, so is the humidifier, but I hate electric heat. I have on an undershirt, 2 T-shirts and my longer winter jacket on top. Bottom underpants and flannel long pants, socks, fuzzy high top slippers,and a fleece blanket wrapped around. Actually right now it is only my nose, feet and hands that are cold. So I am going to use that as my excuse for not sewing, well it works for me! My report is Nothing Gained and Nothing Lost! Actually I am going to try harder this year and stop looking for excuses. I just need to get some work done. If I use up fabric wonderful. If I don't I will enjoy what everyone else is doing.

Happy New Year,

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Tamera said...


It looks like you've been through quite an ordeal lately. I hope that you get the opportunity to quilt if it helps you.

Hope things look up soon.