Monday, January 4, 2010

On My Design Wall

My actual time for creating has gone down over the past few years due to care of my parents. At any one time in the past I may have been working on any number of quilts. Now it seems I only work on quilts when I am making one I can't show you because it is for a fabric company. So today I am going to show you what I am working on. It is not a quilt, but I am using up some of my stash.
I am working with a new product distributed by Superior Threads called Texture Magic. I actually am a Rep in Western KY and Western TN plus a bit of IN for the company. I had to put some of my rep work on hold for a while until Bill and I can work out a schedule. When he gets home from Wisonsin we will decide who will take my Dad to the nursing home to see my Mom. In the mean time I will be working on samples when I am not in town with Dad.
The way Texture Magic works is that it is sewn to the back of a piece of fabric that you want to add a texture to the surface. You can sew in grids, feathers, random methods, stipple and actually us this as a time to practice machine quilting or try out a new design. These can be close together or far apart.
I sometimes just follow the pattern on the fabric.
Then the fabric is steamed (if using an iron to steam be careful to not touch the Texture Magic with the hot iron). The Texture Magic fabric will shrink up to 30% leaving the Texture Magic side flat and the fabric side puffed. At that point the fabric can be cut for quilts, clothing, purses, pillows etc. After it is steamed the Texture Magic is soft and silky and washable.

The places where the stitching is close the fabric creates a fine texture. The areas stitched far apart will shink the most, but the fabric will lay in folds. The folds may change with use. Soon I will cut this piece and add other fabrics to make a purse and/or a pillow. I think the scraps can be used in applique as trees.

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Anonymous said...

What an interesting product! I'm sure many art quilters will be eager to try it. I like your idea of using the resulting fabric in a pillow.