Sunday, June 6, 2010

Time Out

Today I have decided it is important to take some "Time Out" to write a bit in my blog. I can't believe that it has been so long since I last posted. No wonder people have called and written to me to find out if we are all OK.

Since I last wrote either Bill or I have taken Dad into town everyday so he can spend some time with Mom. He arrives in the morning at the nursing home and stays through lunch. Then we go home and he usually will do his scratch off lottery tickets, does the crossword puzzle in the paper and takes a nap. He has really cut back on his activities, because his balance seems to be going down hill.

Mom has good days and not so good days with her memory. Most days she can carry on a sensible conversation, but other times she will talk about stuff that makes no sense. Bill is really good talking with her when she makes no sense, because he will go along with what ever she wants to talk about even if it is way out. The other day she was talking about doing the laundry. Bill told her that she didn't do his laundry and she responded..."I don't wash clothes that are not in the laundry basket." For the longest time I could not figure out what she was talking about when she mentioned the children playing or the babies she held. Then one day I saw one of the workers with her baby in the nursing home. The workers bring their babies and children in ofter as well as some of the daycare children schedule regular visits.

Our drive way is mostly hill. This past year or so we have had extreme amounts of rain some of which came down hard. Our gravel drive washed out with very deep ruts. We were finally able to get someone out to fix the drive, cutting in a new ditch and added a bit of gravel. So far it has held and packed nicely. Next we need to cut down some of the trees limbs that overhang into the drive.

Bill and I planted a few vegetable plants in pots at the house. We no longer do the big garden. I think he will be harvesting a tomato very soon. We also have a hot pepper ready, but I am in no hurry to pick it.

Well it is time for me to pick up Dad from his visit with Mom.

Till next time...


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