Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where am I?

Where am I? Right now I am sitting in my friends Debby and Mark’s dining room. I was looking at my mail, but the wireless connection I was using is no longer available. Debby has not come home from work and Mark is busy doing other things, so I decided to write in word until I can post.
As you may or may not know my dear husband, Bill, and I watch after my parents. One of the things we do is to make sure my Dad is taken to town every day so he can spend about 4 hours every day with my Mom in the Nursing Home where she resides. This is kind of wearing at times, but we would have it no other way. Bill and I usually take turns providing the transportation, but since Tuesday afternoon Bill has been doing all the transportation. I am sure he is wore out by now, because we have other duties to do, the weather at home is really hot and humid and that also means 4 hours in town for the one providing the transportation. So where am I????? Well as I say “Bill kicked me out!!!!!!!!” Not really, but he did tell me I needed a break and decided I should leave home for a few days.
I took Dad into town Tuesday morning. Then I went directly to the DR for my 6 month checkup. My appointment was scheduled for 9:45 am. I was hoping to leave town by 11:00am, but as you know, DR’s run on a different schedule. Sometimes it is a patient’s fault, but more often than not the DR has over scheduled, took a phone call or did something else to delay the people waiting. I left the office at 11:30 or so. Went to two banks and met Bill at our favorite restaurant. We ate a quick meal and I was on my way……heading north!
As many of you know we have many relatives north of KY. We also have several friends north of KY, but I choose to visit the friends farthest away. They graciously welcomed me. It did take me two traveling days to get here. The first day I was delayed by the DR, spent more than an hour in a Truck Stop waiting for the bad storms to pass. The rain was actually travelling parallel to the ground. I did get wet running from the van to the door of the Truck Stop, but some nice man opened the door for me…..Thank You!
After the wait at the Truck Stop I continued my journey. I had a goal to reach a certain destination, but was not sure I would make it. My journey was to soon take me down unfamiliar roads. The weather had cleared, traffic was not bad and since I had a bit of a rest I was feeling good. I made it through my first “city” with no problems. It would be a long time before I see another city of any size. My journey has now taken me a little west by northwest. It was about 10:30pm when I realized I was going to be travelling near a friend’s home. I had also earlier passed another friend’s home, but my destination for the night was still in mind. The sky was clear. In fact there was a beautiful crescent moon that seemed to be setting changing color from a shocking white to a fall harvest orange color.
Construction signs everywhere….all directions, so I just followed a recently created ”one lane road” that took me into a new state and around a cluster of 4 cities than eventually a new direction, North. My destination for the evening was now doable, but I would arrive late, about midnight. I really took a chance that a room would be available in the motel in the little town I was aiming to reach before I sleep.
As I entered the sleepy town I pulled over and called the motel to be sure a room was available. One was waiting for me when I arrived. Now, time to rest…….more hints to be posted at a later time.

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