Sunday, March 4, 2012

I HATE Passwords!

I try to use variations of a few combinations of words, numbers, capital letters and characters for my passwords.  This has served me well for a long time. Some area where I am not as concerned about being hacked I was letting the computer remember the correct combination.  I don't hide anything from my husband, so if he wanted to look at my mail, facebook, or other things I don't care.  He is the only one with easy access to my computer(s).

A few weeks ago I was having trouble downloading some fabric to use in a design contest.  I never could get the fabric to load to the correct size, so I was not able to participate.  During the process I decided maybe I needed to do some cleaning out and backing up of my files.  I always run the anti virus, but am sometimes a little lax when it comes to the rest of the cleaning.  Some is set to automatically happen, but other updates and cleaning I do myself.  Well I must have done something, down loaded something etc that made me loose some of my passwords.  Some of the places asking for user name and passwords I don't remember ever needing them in the past.  So I try to recover the information by doing as said on the web sites I can't get into and I have not been getting a response.  Thank goodness I have all the important ones recorded elsewhere away from the computer on cards in a container.  One I really need I at least have the administrators e-mail address so I can write to her and find out what is going on.  Sometimes I think it is IE, so I switch to Chrome and still no luck.

What I really want to announce is I am doing a row for the Patchwork Posse Round Robin.  Mine will be April 27, 2012.  The theme of this round robin  is Summer Picnic.  At this point I am still designing, but that is because I don't want to repeat what others have already created.  Check out

Check back here for my pattern.

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