Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Picnic Row pattern

Yesterday I went to the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah and today I am dragging. So I am sorry some of you have been to my blog to gather the pattern, but it is ready now.  The writing of this pattern was a bit difficult due to the fact that my lap top was hit by lightening and everything for this row was in that computer.  I usually save to an outside source, but a few days prior to the lightening it became full.  I did not realize it was full until I checked it on this computer.  I do not have EQ on this computer, so much of what was saved I can't open on this computer.

Here is a picture of the row. The pie is appliqued, but I explained how to sew the pie together before appliqueing.  This picture does not show that the pies have half circles to create the crimp on the crust as seen in this picture. Ignore the machine stitching around the edge, as this is my sample.  It is crooked and the way I explained to you will give you a much better appearance.  I even sent you to a tutorial in another blog to help you understand how to use fusible interfacing to turn the applique.

If you want the pattern go to

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